The Game's #1 Vertical Jump Training Program For Over 20 Years

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Air Alert Vertical Jump Program

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Air Alert®: The Complete Vertical Jump Program is a true vertical jump program that guarantees you will jump 8 to 14 inches higher. These amazing results are achieved by utilizing our unique and proven principle, "Habitual Jump Training" which uses only your body weight paired with the 6 unique jump…
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written by Jerry Briggs - Jacksonville Jaguars rookie wide receiver Jarret Dillard didn't know exactly what the neighbors were talking about as they walk past his house in San Antonio on those hot, summer days so many years ago. But he had a good idea what they might have…
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The Wei-Wu-Wei Focus & Motivation Program is a free, bonus program installed within the Air Alert jump training workout DVD and booklet and will help you to improve the mental aspect of your game and become that much better of an athlete. Wei-Wu-Wei basically means "action - without - action"…

"Air Alert is the best. Before I started, I could only touch the rim. Now I can hang on it easily and I'm on the 4th week. It has helped me improve by about 6 inches. Thanks a lot Air Alert."

-Robert Rausch, Miami, FL-


 "I'm 5'10" and before Air Alert I had a 23" vertical. Now I have a 37" vertical and can flush it 2 hands! The chicks dig the dunks! And the Air Alert presentation is the best thing ever!"

-Jesus Leno, Ormond Beach, FL-


"I am only 5'9" and I started Air Alert my freshman year and was able to grab rim. Now I'm a sophomore and I can throw it down. Air Alert is the real deal."

-Chad Whitmore, Berea, KY-

Start Preparing For The Season

1 Air Alert Jump Training Program
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Air Alert Jump TrainingYour order includes:

- 33 minute training DVD
- 43 paged training manual
- Air Alert phase I workout chart
- Air Alert phase II workout chart
- 2 measurement charts
- English & Spanish versions
- Motivational slam dunk video
- Free Wei Wu Wei focus and zone-play program


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13 Air Alert Programs

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The Team Package Includes 13:

Air Alert Jump Training- 33 minute training DVDs
- 43 page training manuals
- Air Alert phase I workout charts
- Air Alert phase II workout charts
- Air Alert measurement charts
- English & Spanish versions
- Motivational slam dunk videos
- Free Wei-Wu-Wei focus and zone-play programs



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User Testimonials

"Air Alert really works, and not only is it effective but it works fast. you see results from only one week of use. I have been doing this for only 4 weeks and can almost dunk. GET yours today!"

-A.B., East Orange, NJ-


"Wassup Air Alert. Yeah, I just bought Air Alert and I started and gained 2 inches in one week. I will keep you posted. Peace."

-Nate Wilson, Ewa Beach, HI-


"I have played basketball for only 1 year and can already dunk because of Air Alert. I am only 5'9". I have jumped one meter from inside the free throw line and dunked the ball. When asked how; I say 'Air Alert'."

-Hakeem (16), Eslov, Skane-


"Air Alert is crazy. I was a good 3 inches from the backboard but I used Air Alert for one day on a Monday. The next day on Tuesday, I went to the gym and could touch the back. In only one day!"

-B. Stock, Toronto, Canada-


"Air Alert works. I started in November [and] I'm on week 5 and grabbing rim with ease. I'm 5'7". I used AA for track because it makes my start fast as hell."

-M. McIntosh, Kalamazoo, MI-


"Air Alert is the best thing ever!. I'm 5'7" and I can grab a 10 foot rim right now, and I'm only in week 4. I think I'll be able to dunk. Before I had Air Alert, I was only able to touch the net . . . and barely too.

-Noushad Mamun, Davie, FL-


"Air Alert is the best program for improving your vertical leap. I have been using it for 9 weeks and I've gained 10 inches on my 23 inch vertical leap. I'm 5'3" and I'm only 12 years old. GET AIR ALERT NOW!"

-J. Carpenter, Chicago, IL-