Additional Tips

Measuring Your Vertical Leap

Measuring your vertical jump is quite simple.

Measure your current vertical leap and record it on the Air Alert® Vertical Jump Measurement Chart prior to starting the program. To measure your vertical jump, stand flat-footed next to a wall, reach high up into the air and make a mark on the wall with a piece of tape or chalk. Next, take one step and jump off both legs hard into the air making another mark as high as you can reach above the first mark. Measure the distance between the two marks. The measurement between the two marks will be your current vertical jump. Make about 5 measurements and record the highest one.

Measure your vertical jump on the measurement chart at the beginning of each week. Do this after you have warmed up and stretched.


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TMT Sports was founded in February, 1991 by Timur Tukel and operates out of Charlotte, NC. TMT Sports produces 2 basketball products designed to greatly improve a player's playing ability.

Air Alert: The Complete Vertical Jump Program was first published in September, 1991 and continues to be the number 1 program used in the game. It is now free open source content.

Court Controller heads up dribbling mask was first released in 2003 and then re-designed in 2016.