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Missed Workouts

Missing Workout Days

It is important that you dedicate yourself to the entire Air Alert® workout and follow the schedule as written. This will ensure that your vertical jump will increase to its maximum. If you happen to miss a workout day during the week, you may simply make it up the following day or on the weekend.

Missing Workout Weeks

Occasionally you may have to miss an entire workout week for some reason. If this occurs, you do not have to start over; however, you must not simply proceed with the next week. The rule of thumb is that for every week you miss, you will simply go back one week and repeat that week. For example, if you have completed week 10 and miss 1 week, you will repeat week 9 and move forward. If you miss 3 weeks, you will go back to week 7 and then continue from there. Your gains will not be compromised by missing weeks as long as you follow this rule.

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