Protein Factor

We referred to nutrition earlier in this manual and recommended that you eat at least 3 healthy meals per day consisting of proteins, carbohydrates and calcium. A well-balanced meal helps to promote motivated workouts and good progress. This section continues to focus on nutrition; however, it addresses the sole importance of protein.

Protein or The Protein Factor is worthy of its own section because of how essential it is for your muscles and for consistent progress.

As mentioned, many Air Alert® users are extremely active athletes. Daily, they expend large amounts of energy playing basketball and other sports or by staying in shape with weight lifting programs. We recommended limiting your overall sports intensity while performing Air Alert® to avoid overworked muscles and mental burnout and to promote steady gains. But we cannot expect all athletes to follow this rule. Therefore, we recommend a formula to help combat protein loss for the diehard athlete.

Protein is the building block for all muscle cells. It is an essential ingredient for muscle recovery, strength building and muscle endurance. When the muscles properly recover, strength gain is the result. Air Alert® is an intense program that agressively works your legs and breaks down these muscle cells; therefore, for efficient muscle operation, you must make protein readily available in the body for the muscles to use. This directly leads to consistent progress. Deficient amounts of protein will result in slower muscle development and slower, inconsistent progress.

On Air Alert® training days, we recommend that your protein intake (in grams) be at least 100% of your body weight and no more than 115% of your body weight. This is important for helping to build muscle strength and jumping power. Because your body and muscles need protein throughout the day, this protein intake must be spread out equally over the course of the day and not at one time.

To obtain an accurate count of proteins, simply look on the back of your food labels and calculate the number of grams per serving of what you are eating. Add the totals up to obtain your body weight total.

The 100% to 115% of your body weight rule applies to the athlete who is very fanatical about sports and is constantly active. For normal activity athletes, your protein intake should be about 90% of your body weight.

The Protein Factor Formula:

(Body Weight) x (1) for 100% & (Body Weight) x (1.15) for 115%
Ex. An athlete weighs 160 pounds. The protein factor for 115%
of his body weight will be 184 grams.
160 (body weight) x 1.15 = 184 grams

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