Equipment Needed

There are only 5 pieces of equipment that you will need for Air Alert®. They are proper tennis shoes, a jump rope (optional), a carpeted or wooden surface to exercise, a sturdy chair and a basketball or volleyball.

Shoes: Work out only in rubber soled tennis shoes, preferably those made especially for basketball. We recommend wearing high-topped shoes because they will support your ankles well.

Jump Rope: You may choose to use a jump rope for one of the major exercises, Leap Ups. However, this is optional. Do not use one that is too long. A long rope simply gets in the way and may cause you to trip. Use a rope that is about 2 feet taller than you.

Basketball or Volleyball: You will need a basketball or volleyball for the exercise, Squat Hops. You will only use it for balance and

Training Surface: Work out only on a carpeted or wood surface. This surface will absorb the shock as you exercise and it will help to prevent injury to your knees. If you plan on working out on an asphalt or concrete surface, make sure that you place some type of carpet strip (one that is usually used as a door mat) underneath where you will be exercising. However, we do not recommend this type of surface.

Sturdy Chair or Stool: A very sturdy, slip proof chair is needed for one of the major exercises, Step Ups. Make sure to use a chair with no slip legs. Use a very durable one that you can use throughout the entire 15 week program.

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TMT Sports was founded in February, 1991 by Timur Tukel and operates out of Charlotte, NC. TMT Sports produces 2 basketball products designed to greatly improve a player's playing ability.

Air Alert: The Complete Vertical Jump Program was first published in September, 1991 and continues to be the number 1 program used in the game. It is now free open source content.

Court Controller heads up dribbling mask was first released in 2003 and then re-designed in 2016.