The Workout Chart

This workout chart will be your guide for each jumping exercise previously described. It is your weekly reference for the exact number of sets and repetitions to follow.

A repetition is completing one motion of an exercise and a set is a completed number of repetitions. For example, performing Leap ups 50 times continuously without resting is completing 1 set of 50 repetitions. Leaping 50 times continuously, then resting, and leaping 50 times again is completing 2 sets of 50 repetitions.

Do not over work you muscles by doing too much, but do not under work them either by doing too little. Do exactly what is written on the workout chart and you will see a steady increase in your jumping ability over the course of the program.


Follow the Air Alert® Workout Chart precisely as prescribed. Do not add repetitions, do not add sets and, most importantly, do not add additional workout days. Altering the workout may affect your overall results.

Week 8 - Resting Week

During week 8 (see workout chart) you will take a break from Air Alert®. This break allows your legs to fully recover and gain strength. It is extremely important that you adhere to this portion of the workout and not participate in the program for an entire week nor should you participate in any lower body weight training. Your legs need the rest.


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