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What You May Expect - Your Rate Of Vertical Gain

As you begin training with Air Alert®, you will most likely become excited and filled with anticipation regarding the gains we guarantee you will make; however, your anticipation must not lead over expectation. As stated in the training DVD, your gains will be intermittent throughout the course of the 15 weeks, and these gains are attributed to reasons varying from sickness, poor nutrition, fatigue, muscle soreness, etc. You must also accept that not all athletes are created equally. This difference affects the rate of gain from person to person. Most athletes will see results on or about the 11th day; however, some will see gains later in the program and at different rates. You must be patient and prepared for that.

It is best that you view Air Alert® as a 4 part program to help you better understand your results and aide with your patience.

Week 1 thru Week 3: This period is the preparation phase. For those athletes who are just beginning to work their legs, this period helps the muscles prepare for the upcoming, more difficult weeks. This period generally yields good results for athletes not as strong as others. More advanced athletes may see results of only 1-2 inches during this time.

Week 4 thru Week 8: During this period, the muscles begin breaking down because of the increase in repetitions; however, ample recovery will occur leading to gains. The majority of athletes begin seeing results during this period and will likely see a surge at the end of the rest week.

Week 9 thru Week 15: This period is the meat of the program. It is where most of the Habitual Jump Training™ takes place and is the most aggressive section. This is the period that all athletes see the most gains.

Week 16: After you have finished the final Air Alert® workout, rest your legs during week 16. Although this period is not part of the actual Air Alert® workout, it is still a crucial part of your overall vertical increase because it provides your legs the much needed recovery. After 7 days when your muscles have fully recovered a surge in jumping occurs.

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