The 9 Steps
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Step 2: Stretching

Stretch your calves, thighs, hamstrings and back before beginning Air Alert®. This helps prevent muscle pulls, cramps and strains. Stretch slowly and smoothly. When you feel tension in the muscle that you are stretching, hold that position for about 8 seconds and do it 3 to 4 times.

Stretch calvesTo stretch your calves, place the ball of one foot on a cinder block, book or stair step and let your heel hang over the edge. Drop your body to the floor so your heel is below the edge of what you are standing on. Support yourself by holding on to a chair or to the stair rail beside you.

stretch thighsTo stretch your thighs, stand straight up and bend the leg you wish to stretch behind you so that your heel is against your buttocks. Next, grab the elevated ankle and pull your leg behind you.

Stretch hamstrings

To stretch your hamstrings, place the foot of the leg you wish to stretch straight out in front of you on a chair. While keeping the other firmly planted on the floor, lean your towards the elevated leg.

Massage the sides and tops of your kneecaps for about 1 minute. This loosens the patellar tendon.

Stretch backTo stretch your lower back, sit with your legs apart and lean towards the floor.




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