Playing In The Zone

Step 2: Developing The Heart

Heart is your emotional center. This is where your desire, your passion and your motivation to play and to succeed exist. Heart is similar to the mind in that it cannot be measured. You cannot see it or touch it. It is simply an emotional and powerful dimension that steers your desires. It does not see rainy days nor does it make excuses.

Heart is generally inherent and arises when a love for something becomes unconditional. It does not act independently. It is stored in the subconscious and is expressed in conscious dimension of the mind.

Your mind expresses what you feel; therefore, with respect to basketball, you must consistently maintain your emotional heart at the conscious level. Keeping heart stored at the subconscious level restricts positive energy. You must release heart during practices, while playing alone, while reading about the game, etc. Release heart regularly and not intermittently to condition your desire to play.

As you consistently release heart and manifest its strength in how you seriously and aggressively play, you will influence the unconscious mind for release. Once the unconscious mind feels that your heart is real and is for certain, you will begin entering Wei-Wu-Wei.

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