Playing In The Zone

Step 3: Developing The Body

The body is your physical center. It is the physical expression of who you are. If you have the heart and passion for high athletic standards, then you must train your body and prepare it for that level.

The mind and heart working together are powerful; however, if you do not adequately prepare your body for competition, you will never truly enter Wei-Wu-Wei. Your body will fail at a certain level forcing negative energy to cloud your mind and heart restricting you from the zone.

Train your body for competition. Learn all there is about the game and practice. Practice correctly and practice aggressively, but most importantly, practice seriously. As you prepare your body, the mind will begin understanding what it can do. The unconscious dimension will begin harnessing your body’s ability and take your performance to a much higher level.

The true art of Wei-Wu-Wei is dependent on each of the 3 fundamental properties just described. Perfecting 2 of the 3 will not elevate you to the zone. You can be a good player by training the body, but you cannot be a great player without heart. If you feel positive but fail to train your body, you will not succeed. Develop the mind, express the heart and train the body. Harness these ingredients together as one and you will play with unconditional perfection.

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