Playing In The Zone

Preparing The Mind For Wei-Wu-Wei

Once you understand the mind, you must next prepare it before the game can become second nature to you. The mind must be in a state of relaxation and acceptance before applying the principles of Wei-Wu-Wei.

Remember that practicing Wei-Wu-Wei cannot be a conscious effort. It must occur in the unconscious dimension of the mind. It must flow effortlessly. Therefore, in order to prepare your mind, first you must realize at the conscious level that you will stumble over many obstacles on your road to becoming a great player. You must accept that errors such as dribbling off your foot, playing bad defense from time to time, missing the jumper, getting your shot blocked and countless others will occur and that they will occur throughout your basketball playing days. You must accept that you will throw a pass away from time to time. You must accept that you will shoot an air ball from time to time. You must accept that mistakes will happen and accept them as part of the game. By accepting all of these as reality, you are actually helping and preparing your conscious mind to eliminate stressful thoughts that can be affected by unwanted outcomes. You are preventing stressful thoughts from being stored in the subconscious mind as negative energy. Consciously accepting and learning from mistakes stores the information positively.

Once you truly accept that obstacles are part of the game, you will be less attached to the outcome. Therefore, your emotions, which are reflected by the mind, will be more balanced leading to better, all-around game play.

After truly accepting that obstacles will occur and provoke thought, the final thing you must do to adequately prepare your mind to practice Wei-Wu-Wei is NEVER, and we mean NEVER, dwell on them.

Accept and understand that an occasional mishap will arise. Just don’t mentally punish yourself over it. Don’t constantly think about it. Actually, don’t think about it at all. Learn from it and move on. If you constantly dwell on a mistake at the conscious level, then you are creating a a stressful thought which will be transferred to the subconscious level. This creates immediate and subsequent negative energy impeding your ability to enter Wei-Wu-Wei.

Wei-Wu-Wei teaches “non-action” of the mind. If you constantly think “I cannot believe I made that pass” or “I hope I don’t miss another shot”, then you are allowing the mind to think too much. Once a mistake is made, simply put it behind you as quickly as possible. Don’t throw your arms up in the air in frustration. You’re creating a struggling thought. Don’t yell out, “I can’t believe I did that”. You are creating a struggling thought. Creating struggling thoughts will simply lead to another mishap and disrupt your game.

You may be inclined to view disruptions as negative things such as dribbling off of your foot or making a bad pass. However, it is important to realize and accept that disruptive energy is anything that occurs and provokes ongoing thought and removes your focus from playing the game. For example, when you dunk over your opponent, elation can occur which can lead to arrogance. Elation and arrogance are huge disruptions that create struggling thoughts if they are not handled properly. If you make a spectacular play on an opponent and begin jumping up and down and showing off, your mind is removed from “non-action” and your focus is removed from just playing the game. The focus is now on you and not the game. For a split second, you may forget about defending your opponent who goes in and scores 2 points. Your pride at the conscious level clouded your purpose: to play the game. Be happy for yourself when you make great plays, but do not be so proud that you forget about the game that’s in play. Don’t dwell on your accomplishment.

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